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The Boutique Factor

What is the boutique factor?

The Boutique Day Nursery and Preschool is an exclusive experience that was born out of the belief that every child really can have the best possible start in life; it offers an inspirationally bright and spacious indoor environment blended with daily outdoor learning and play sessions for your child to explore, discover and learn. As you move from room to room, we encapsulate a ‘home from home’ feeling for your child’s comfort and security with distinctively designed areas of learning and play.


We are dedicated practitioners who are passionate about the development of the whole child which is why we use a holistic learning approach; this is tailored specifically in nursery and preschool to ensure that each child is receiving a specialised approach at every stage of their development. We have an additional dedicated classroom for our preschool children – this familiarisation along with working in close partnership with local schools helps us prepare children so they are as ready as they can be when they start school. We believe the quality we offer is outstanding and have a fully embedded ethos that pours out into everything that we do. Whilst statutorily guided by the standards set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, we are also inspired by a combination of Montessori values and Forest School practices. Our holistic learning approach ensures that each child has the opportunity to develop socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively, spiritually and intellectually.

This is how:

Socially: explicitly modelling and teaching positive relationships, interaction, etiquette and language

Emotionally: providing a warming and secure environment where a child learns the practices of being self-aware, building their emotional vocabulary and developing their ability to emotionally express and regulate their feelings

Physically: explicitly teaching and exposure for the development of fine and gross motor skills through daily outings, sports, exercise and activities sowing the seeds for a sustained healthy and active lifestyle; practicing and providing healthy and nutritious eating/drinking habits with the help of Pip, our nutritional therapist, and learning to become independent in life-long physical self-care practices

Cognitively: specifically nurturing a growth-mindset and approaching the world with curiosity

Spiritually: connecting with their inner-self and passions; building their self-esteem, developing their understanding of who they are, their view of the world and those around them, learning to trust themselves, being able to express themselves creatively through different forms such as music, song, dance, forms of media in art, yoga and mindfulness

Intellectually: exposure to a high frequency of rich language and communicational back-and-forth interactions, developing a life-long love of reading and language, facilitating an environment that teaches the strong development of numbers to set the initial blocks of mathematics necessary in their educational journey and future life, giving children frequent and rich experiences to make sense of their physical world and community around them

Just a stone’s throw away, we are so privileged to have Lammas Park and all its elegance right at our doorstep. By being able to visit on a daily-basis and over a long period of time, we can observe natural changes and seasons by forming strong and positive relationships with our natural world. Linking outdoor learning each day promotes confidence, self-esteem and well-being. This gives our children the quality and time, to not only develop in their target areas but to also initiate their own learning, guiding themselves by their own curiosities, passions and drive.


By thinking out of the box, we envision our children partaking in what would be typically known as ‘indoor learning’ in their outdoor natural world whilst also being able to do ‘outdoor learning and play’ indoors and vice versa. This gives our children the opportunity to fully engage in their learning experiences, whatever the weather.

Nutritional Values

Our nutritional values are based on our core beliefs and integrated into our holistic learning approach. We have teamed up with Pip Fleming, a local, renowned nutritional therapist who has inspired our food ethos, creates our menus and has been involved in hand-picking our in-house chef. We will be providing tasty, nourishing and satisfying meals and snacks throughout the day full of goodness and nutrients needed to grow and develop both the body and the mind.

Our nutritional ethos is outlined in our key principals:

An absolute minimum of 5 portions of fruit and vegetable per day

Fruits and vegetables provide plenty of fibre which helps to keep good gut bacteria, water to hydrate the brain and countless phytochemicals and polyphenols to enhance vitality.

Only good and healthy fats

Only using healthy fats from olive oil and fish, unlike cheap refined seed oils, means the brain and body can grow and develop well.

Organic and where possible, pasture-reared meats, milk and eggs

This is a vital source of protein.

Plenty of hydration from our water infusions and filtered plain water

Adding fruits and vegetables to water enhances hydration and filtering removes some of the harmful chemicals and toxins that might be found in our water.

A very low sugar and refined carbohydrates diet

This provides steady energy and avoids glucose ups and downs throughout the day.

A range of ancient and whole grains

As a society, we often rely too heavily on refined wheat so we want to incorporate energy-dense, nutrient-rich grains such as quinoa, spelt, bulgar and brown rice.

Capturing children’s imagination and curiosity around food

Involving children in the food they eat captures their imagination, ignites their curiosity and enriches their palettes. The children will be actively involved in the growing of some of the foods they eat in their growing gardens, taking part in preparing their meals and setting the table together as a family.

“There is something profoundly satisfying about sharing a meal. Eating together, breaking bread together, is one of the oldest and most fundamentally unifying of human experiences.”

Barbara Coloroso

The Boutique Day Nursery & Preschool

75 St Mary's Road



W5 5RH

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