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Nutritional Values

Our nutritional values are based on our core beliefs and integrated into our holistic learning approach. We have teamed up with Pip Fleming, a local, renowned nutritional therapist who has inspired our food ethos, creates our menus and has been involved in hand-picking our in-house chef. We will be providing tasty, nourishing and satisfying meals and snacks throughout the day full of goodness and nutrients needed to grow and develop both the body and the mind.

Our nutritional ethos is outlined in our key principals:

An absolute minimum of 5 portions of fruit and vegetable per day

Fruits and vegetables provide plenty of fibre which helps to keep good gut bacteria, water to hydrate the brain and countless phytochemicals and polyphenols to enhance vitality.

Only good and healthy fats

Only using healthy fats from olive oil and fish, unlike cheap refined seed oils, means the brain and body can grow and develop well.

Organic and where possible, pasture-reared meats, milk and eggs

This is a vital source of protein.

Plenty of hydration from our water infusions and filtered plain water

Adding fruits and vegetables to water enhances hydration and filtering removes some of the harmful chemicals and toxins that might be found in our water.

A very low sugar and refined carbohydrates diet

This provides steady energy and avoids glucose ups and downs throughout the day.

A range of ancient and whole grains

As a society, we often rely too heavily on refined wheat so we want to incorporate energy-dense, nutrient-rich grains such as quinoa, spelt, bulgar and brown rice.

Capturing children’s imagination and curiosity around food

Involving children in the food they eat captures their imagination, ignites their curiosity and enriches their palettes. The children will be actively involved in the growing of some of the foods they eat in their growing gardens, taking part in preparing their meals and setting the table together as a family.

Due to the restrictive nature of the vegan diet, we regret we are not able to provide a vegan menu. For young children, a vegan diet is not able to provide Heme Iron, B12, Vitamin D, DHA fatty acids and Iodine, all needed for fast growing minds and bodies.

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